Google Docs vs Microsoft word

Google Docs vs Microsoft word

Here is the choice between Google Docs vs Microsoft word which one you could choose?

Well here is a comparison between Google docs vs Microsoft word, basically, google docs is an online word processor that lets you create and format documents and work with other people whereas Microsoft Word is a word processing program that allows for creating simple and complex documents. 

What is Google Docs?

As is mentioned in the above introduction Google doc is an online world where we can do the formatting and editing of documents faster. Also, it has an auto-saving mode where the particular document we write or keep writing is saved automatically without any hesitation. Google docs editor also includes google sheets, google slides and google forms.

What is Microsoft Word?

You might be perplexed. What type of program is Microsoft Word? A good definition is that it’s a word processor. It is an application where you process, format, save, print, and share a text-based document.

Feature of Google docs

  1. Offline mode:- While writing some documents and suddenly when your internet connections get off or maybe your local coffee shop has an internet connection but your local park does not have an internet connection. If you love to write outdoors, you” ll need to enable offline mode.
  2. Full-Screen view for distraction– Free writing:- If you are writing something or making documents and all the toolbar and menus distract you, for this experience that monks your traditional paper you can try Full-screen view.
  3. Bookmarking to navigate documents:- If you want to use a bookmark to link to another page for your reference. The bookmark feature can easily help to navigate your google doc easier.

Feature of Microsoft word

  1. Insert:- If you want to draw a graph or put a picture in a particular document or page number, header, footer, etc. These types of features are located in the Insert menu.
  2. Page layout:– If you want to draw a line, margins, indentation, columns, spacing, etc. These are mainly located in page layout.
  3. References:-  This is mainly a feature that wants to create a contention, writing books or lengthy documents. An option like citation, footnote, captions, etc is located in this tab.

Google Docs vs Microsoft Word: Pros

            Google Docs        Microsoft word
Google docs is a free tool.We can import the data from a database and can use 
It allows documents to have a real-time collaborationMore professional-quality documents are available online.
It has powerful features and tools for editing the documentsThere are also many handy features like borders and text layout
We can edit history tracking, and track document changes automaticallyWe can add visual elements such as images or videos to make it attractive 
It also has google storage which allows accessing the documents from anywhere.You can share the documents on the cloud through one drive.

Google Docs vs Microsoft word: Cons

            Google Docs        Microsoft word
Printing is not as straightforward as it is in a wordIf you are a new user then it has a lot of complexity
In docs, formatting is also not available and doesn’t try to generate envelopes It also requires a high system of RAM in the computer, or else it will not work smoothly.
Access is like if you are out of line you are out of luck It is a web-based application that requires an internet connection to view or modifyBuying Microsoft Word has also become costly. There are also some alternatives rather than it also free of cost.

Google Docs vs Microsoft Word: Which one is better for the upcoming year?

  1. Features:- There is no doubt that Microsoft Word has more features rather than Google docs. If you want to do deep formatting or layout then you can use Microsoft word. If you are not looking for deep formatting then you can prefer Google docs.
  2. Collaboration:-  As I prefer both Google docs and Microsoft word has real-time collaboration. Google docs shine in this area. Sharing and controlling the access level is quite easy here. But in Microsoft Word the sharing of documents is old-fashioned.

Google Docs vs Microsoft word: what would be the bottom line?

Google Docs vs Microsoft word what to prefer:– Google docs and Microsoft word both have high utility and have so many unique features but it is quite difficult to choose one among them because the decision is mostly dependent on the creation of the document. Instead of sticking to one particular program for creating or working on that document, keep the choice flexible but it depends on the purpose which suits them best. Whatever your needs are, get covered on Google docs or in Microsoft word.

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