Make Your Site More Secure With Threat Analysis Products

F60Host LLP provides various products to its customers to detect and analyse threats, manage and monitor cybercrimes and darkweb functions with AI powered actionable threat intelligence.


Protect your company against new threats and deny your opponents new chances. Consolidate intelligence from the darkweb, deepweb, and surfaceweb to provide a comprehensive perspective of your organization's external danger landscape.

  • Threat Analysis
  • Threat Detection
  • Incident Response
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Third Party Cyber Risk
  • Security Operations


Individuals and businesses could use AmIBreached to detect, prioritise, and manage darkweb vulnerabilities. When your name, email, username, password, IP address, mailing address, phone number, or other sensitive information is exposed, we notify you.

  • Discover Credential Leaks
  • You have the Control
  • Assistance in Identity Fraud Detections and Investigations


Hawk analyses a network and detects security threats. Cyber Hawk assist you in identifying new security initiatives and separating your services from the competitors. It also serves as a "double check" to ensure that anti-virus and patching software is up to date, as well as to identify network misconfigurations.

  • Threat Intelligence
  • Credibility
  • Real Time Alerts
  • Accuracy
  • Relevance
  • Insights













Features to detect cybercrime faster and make internet a safer place

Cybercrime monitoring and real-time insight into the Darkweb

Through frequent monitoring of the Surface Web, Deepweb, and Darkweb, F60Host LLP provides you with a real-time picture of your darkweb footprint, containing any of your credentials or information that may have been hacked.

However, we don't stop there. Our software enables you to take effective action against Malicious Attackers by describing TTPs, specialised capabilities, and Indicators of Presence, providing you with actionable data to make educated security decisions to keep your company safe from cybercriminals.

Providing assistance to law enforcement and national security

Given the current magnitude and extent of cyberattacks, we regularly find ourselves collaborating with law enforcement and national security agencies in response to threats we identify and report as part of our civic responsibility.

Every hour of the day we are detecting and preventing fraud

We cast light on the Dark Web's darkest corners, highlighting marketplaces that promote illicit activity including Identity Theft and the sale of fraudulently obtained Credit Card Credentials. This is something we do 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep your company safe.

Providing you with the tools you need to defend your brand

You can easily manage reputational risks to your organisation by discovering and removing dangerous material across websites, domains, and applications using a single 360° view of your digital platforms.

Threats posed by Third-Party Ecosystems are more visible now

You can examine the risk presented by suppliers and determine if they are possible threat vectors to your company using our expanded look into the workings of your Third-Party Ecosystems.

Detect structural flaws before they cause a security breach in your company

We monitor your organization's infrastructure assets on a regular basis to detect, analyze, and effectively manage any cyber security concerns. To assist prioritise and offer actionable threat information, these risks are categorised based on their threat intel and a F60Host LLP determined risk score.

Our Capabilities

Our capabilities will assist you in bolstering your company's cyber defences against
threats and vulnerabilities of internet.

Darkweb Monitoring

Darkweb Monitoring

Visibility of exposure on the Darkweb

Get real-time information on hacked passwords, personal information, and data breaches.

Cybercrime Intelligence

Cybercrime Intelligence

Dismantle threats before they attack

Make well-informed security judgments based on evidence about threat actors and their capabilities.

Attack Surface Management

Attack Surface Management

Determine your infrastructure's weaknesses.

Mitigate flaws and add vulnerability management in your system depending on their importance and risk level.

Brand Reputation Monitoring

Brand Reputation Monitoring

Empowering you to protect your brand

Manage reputational threats by keeping a 360-degree view of your digital channels.

Third Party Suppliers Scoring

Third Party Suppliers Scoring

Get a better understanding of the threats posed by third-party environment.

Analyse and assess the threats posed by other parties as potential threat vectors with precision.

Fraud Intelligence

Fraud Intelligence

Fraud detection is always being monitored by our software.

Obtain information on underground markets that support identity theft and other forms of cybercrime.

Frequently asked questions.

A security situation in which information is accessed without authorization is known as a data breach. Data breaches can cause a range of problems for businesses and consumers. They are an expensive investment that can harm people's lives and reputations, and they take years to repair. In most circumstances, cybercriminals don't only keep the information they obtain; they may also find ways to profit from it. As a result, it is critical to take precautions and safeguard your personal information.
Anything on the internet that isn't indexed by a search engine like Google is referred to as the deep web. For instance, content behind a paywall, such as membership sites, or anything else that the content owner wishes to keep out of the index. A regular browser can still access this material. The dark web is purposely hidden and only accessible through the Tor browser. According to estimates, it accounts for around 5% of all internet traffic.
Our deepweb monitoring proactively checks your email addresses against database of breached credentials. You will be alerted with an email and an in-product message if your email address has been compromised and which account is at risk.
The average cost of a data breach in 2020 was $3.86m but if you actively monitor for data breaches you can detect them faster and limit the impact and extent of reputational damage, fines, litigation and operational costs. When data is shared or sold on the Dark Web it can be used to target your business or your customers in further cyberattacks or fraud scams. So, knowing what’s out there is key to protecting them.
On the Dark Web, all interaction is fraught with danger. By clicking on the wrong link, you run the risk of acquiring malware or becoming a hacker's target. Illegal and distressing content can also be found on the Dark Web, which you should keep your employees away from. The easiest method to discover the information you need in a safe and automated manner is to use a Dark Web Monitoring tool. A public data breach that goes unsolved for even a short length of time can harm your company's reputation and cost millions of pounds in fraud, fines, legal bills, lost sales, and other revenue.
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