Learn About “Born on Instagram” and It’s Basic Structure 

What is Born on Instagram?

To begin, we must define BOI (Born on Instagram). Born on Instagram is a central creative centre that aims to assist Indian creators in developing a thorough grasp of Instagram and establishing a long-term presence on the network.

All Instagram content producers and influencers are eligible. It is entirely free to use. This course lasts two hours. Learn how to establish a personal digital presence on the platform, how to use accessible tools, and how to follow community rules. 

You will learn all of the tactics and abilities needed to manage time, content quality, efforts, and everything else related to social presence. 

The “Born on Instagram” programme has two levels. This is a selection-based programme aimed at finding and publicizing exceptional Indian innovators. BOI Advanced is only available to those who have completed the Creator course.

Structure of “Born on Instagram”

PART – I: Manage Your Presence

1.1: Instagram Overview

1.2: Stand Out on Instagram

1.3: Stay Safe

1.4: Community Guidelines

PART – II: Create

2.1: Feel It Reel It

2.2: Connect with Stories

2.3: Engage with Live

2.4: Common Questions and Myths

2.5: Collaborate with Remix & Collabs

PART – III: Grow

3.1: Get an Edge with Creator Tools

3.2: Growing on Instagram

3.3: Mastering Audio

3.4: Mastering Lighting and Composition

3.5: Creating Videos for Instagram

PART – IV: Earn Money

4.1: Branded Content on Instagram

How To Register For Born On Instagram in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Go to the BOI (Born On Instagram) official website.
  1. sign up for bornoninstagram.com
  1. Fill in the specifics of your Instagram handle and personal information.

The Born on Instagram initiative, which will launch in September 2021, intends to educate and empower artists on the social media platform.

The website acts as a one-stop shop for content producers, teaching them all they need to know about Instagram and coaching them on how to sustain a long-term presence on the platform.

Instagram is also on its path to becoming a driving force in the burgeoning creative economy. Many elements that will assist authors in earning money are in the works, such as marketplace features and subscription models. Many producers use Instagram as their primary source of revenue, while others use it as a passive side income.

The potential for monetization remains enormous since tools like Instagram Reels give organic reach that many of its early features did not. So, if you want to be a creator, it’s absolutely worth investing in a course or lesson that teaches you the fundamentals of content production on the site.