JumpCloud’s New Mobile Management Functionality for iOS and Android Increases IT Cost Reduction

New device management capability for Android and iOS, as well as a new admin mobile app, improve device and access control at a lower cost.

JumpCloud Inc. announced lots of lined-up updates as part of its Open Directory Platform that would make hybrid work easier, more secure, and less expensive for IT administrators and the customers they administer. With the addition of Android device management to JumpCloud’s platform at no additional cost as part of its new mobile capability, IT administrators now have complete visibility and control over all iOS and Android device types within JumpCloud.

With this update, JumpCloud increases the scope of its integrated device and identity management features and provides IT administrators with a more adaptable and affordable way to protect employee access on any reliable device, such as:

  • Management of iOS and Android devices for BOTH company-owned (COD) and BYOD (bring your own device) users.
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) using JumpCloud ProtectTM and JumpCloud Password ManagerTM for iOS and Android improves employee security.
  • IT administrators can manage users from any location, at any time, and on any device with the new JumpCloud Admin app.

Historically, medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have either had limited device management owing to exorbitant expenses or have had to restrict workers’ choice of devices for the purpose of simplicity or compliance with company security regulations. JumpCloud provides administrators with safe, centralized device management for all of the main operating systems, removing the need for pricey point solutions and enhancing visibility and control over environments with a variety of different devices.

According to Ricky Jordan, senior technology manager at Primitive Apparel, “JumpCloud’s unified device and identity management capabilities transform how we deliver secure, frictionless access to our employees in a modern, cloud-first, hybrid work environment.”

“The new Android device management capabilities and admin mobile app are a welcome addition that will allow us to improve our security while reducing administrative overhead and costs.”

Android Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) support

  • IT can now control both iOS and Android devices from a single piece of glass thanks to holistic mobile device management.
  • Inventory of devices: IT teams are able to see and manage any Android device enrolled in their system, along with information on the device’s kind, serial number, and operating system version.
  • Security regulations: IT departments can impose security regulations on Android gadgets, such as the need for passcodes and remote device wiping in the case of a lost or stolen gadget.
  • Application management: To make sure that only approved applications are loaded on devices, IT teams may control Android app installs, updates, and removals.
  • In the case of a security breach or lost device, IT personnel may remotely lock, find, and erase Android devices.
  • Account administration: Enterprise enrollment, provisioning, and lifecycle management have all been streamlined for Google Play accounts.

“Providing Android support has been a top request from our customers, and the addition of Android management reflects JumpCloud’s arrival as a full stack unified endpoint management (UEM) vendor,” said Greg Armanini, vice president of product management at JumpCloud. No of the device type or operating system, this upgrade to our platform will make it simpler for IT teams to manage their whole fleet of devices while adhering to corporate security guidelines and protecting end-user privacy.

New IT management app for mobile

The JumpCloud Admin tool, which allows centralized IT and device administration from a single pane of glass, is also included in the version.

  • Holistic heterogeneous support: With the JumpCloud Admin app, IT can manage users from any location, at any time, and on any device.
  • IT may remotely manage locked-out users, including adding, removing, and changing passwords. Remote user password management.
  • IT may update MFA and Security Key settings for devices, stop accounts, or resend activation emails using remote device management.
  • Designed with security in mind: The app employs the same encryption and security measures as JumpCloud’s cloud-based Open Directory Platform, guaranteeing that all sensitive data is kept secure and IT administrators can manage their devices and users with confidence.

All device management subscriptions come with free JumpCloud Admin app support for iOS and Android devices. The JumpCloud Admin mobile app is now available for admins to download from Google Play or the Apple Store even though Android EMM won’t be accessible to all customers until early May.

Iftikhar Qureshi
Iftikhar Qureshi
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