What is JumpCloud? Benefits of JumpCloud

What is JumpCloud? Benefits of JumpCloud

In this article, you will learn about the Benefits of JumpCloud, its uses, and why we need it. For those who are very cybersecurity conscious or focused on business continuity, JumpCloud is perhaps the most critical software piece in the support stack.

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What Is JumpCloud?

JumpCloud is an open directory platform that enables secure, frictionless access to any resource from any device, any place. JumpCloud aims to Make Work Happen by providing simple, secure access to company IT resources from any device or location.

It is a zero-trust directory platform that provides single sign-on, cloud LDAP, Cloud RADIUS, multi-factor authentication, device management, server access, and other features. JumpCloud aims to provide a comprehensive IAM solution for cloud-forward businesses, whether you need to manage cloud-based apps or on-premise devices.

To a non-technical user, JumpCloud may look like a password manager initially. But JumpCloud offers much more than just password management.

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Why do we need JumpCloud?

Previously, IT administrators host their Active Directory or Open Directory identity stores on physical servers. The disadvantage of using physical servers is that if your headquarters’ internet goes down, you cannot control these directories. 

Security and efficiency continue to be increasingly important for employees to execute their tasks, and the current condition of world affairs has only heightened the relevance of these requirements for enterprises.

Employees must be able to do their duties regardless of where they work or what IT resources they have at their available.

To safeguard remote workers, IT administrators must be equipped with the greatest technologies available to manage devices, regulate access, and keep identities locked down — all from the cloud.

JumpCloud changes the way of IT administrators. It puts the identity store in the cloud. This allows us to point all our various systems into this one cloud-based system.

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Benefits of JumpCloud

With the challenging work-from-home environment we are all operating in, we recently implemented a service called JumpCloud, a single-sign-on and Multi-factor Authentication application. Let’s look at some of the key benefits of JumpCloud that organizations experience when using JumpCloud.

1. Make Work Happen

JumpCloud connects an organization’s users to those technological components, allowing them to complete tasks more quickly and easily. This means increased productivity for companies.

2. Freedom of Choice

Being productive entails using the best tools for the job. JumpCloud is the best cloud directory platform. Yet, that’s where our suggestions on what technology your organization should use stop. JumpCloud is cross-platform, multi-protocol, provider-agnostic, and location independent.  In short, you and your team are in control, not a vendor that wants to drive you to buy more of their ancillary services.

3. Control & Visibility

JumpCloud allows the IT staff to effectively control who has access to what IT resources, as well as configure and monitor systems. Deep monitoring guarantees that the right people are doing the right things in the appropriate places within the environment.

4. Security

In an era where hacks occur regularly, IT must prioritise the protection of the organization’s digital assets. Security is a must-have for businesses of all sizes, and you don’t want to learn the hard way. The number one way to protect an organization is by locking down its identities. The appropriate identities are the keys to the digital kingdom, and keeping those safe is an important aspect of JumpCloud’s goal.

This is performed by strictly limiting user access to resources, one-way hashing and salting passwords, enabling multi-factor authentication whenever possible, and utilising our unique anti-phishing technology to prevent the most common identity compromise.

There are, of course, many other benefits. These are the 4 benefits of JumpClouds that IT admins will experience, including greater productivity, less costs for the organization, and streamlined operations for end users.

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