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Google Workspace for Education

What is Google Workspace for Education?

To become a Google Certified Educator or Trainer, you must first learn the fundamentals of Google Workspace for Education. (It will be included on the Level 1 exam.) What exactly is it? What exactly does it entail? How does it benefit both teachers and students?

Google Workspace for Education comes in a variety of editions, including free and paid options.

Fundamentals of Google Workspace for Education: A set of tools that can help you increase opportunities for critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity, all while supporting your student’s learning objectives. These tools are ad-free, dependable, and secure. Millions of students already use them in schools around the world. Of course, free is great, but the best part is that these tools are relevant to students, simple to use, and open up many new avenues for learning.

Google Workspace for Education Standard: A paid upgrade that includes Education Fundamentals as well as advanced security and analytics.

Teaching and Learning Upgrade: A paid upgrade that includes everything in Education Fundamentals as well as advanced video communication, enhanced classroom experiences, and tools to promote academy integrity.

Google Workspace for Education Plus (formerly G Suite for Education Enterprise)

A paid upgrade that includes everything in Education Fundamentals as well as advanced security and analytics, improved teaching tools, and other features.

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What Applications are Included in Google Workspace for Education? 

Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Classroom, Assignments, Sites, Groups, Drive, and the Administrator Dashboard are all included in every edition of Google Workspace for Education.

Google Classroom is a teacher and student collaboration tool that helps organize and streamline the classroom experience. You can create a class, add students, and make assignments or announcements with just a few clicks. 

You’ll be able to see who has finished an assignment, and who is still working on it, and assign grades once it’s completed. You can also give students immediate feedback and see their questions or comments on their assignments.

Google Drive functions similarly to an online hard drive, allowing you to store all of your files – stories, designs, drawings, recordings, videos – anything! 

You can access your files from any device, and the best part is that you never have to save: Drive saves automatically whenever you make an edit!

Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals also includes a number of Google products that encourage student and teacher collaboration. 

Students can complete assignments and group projects in class or at home by working together. Their work is automatically saved, and they can even edit without WiFi.

Google Docs: smart editing and styling tools help you easily format text and paragraphs, bringing documents to life. Select from thousands of fonts and insert links, images, drawings, and tables.

Google Sheets: spreadsheets for data analysis, visualization, and charting.

Google Forms: quick and easy information gathering surveys

Google Slides is a presentation tool that allows you to easily tell stories.

Google Drawings: Create graphics and flowcharts using shapes, text, and images.

Furthermore, Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals includes tools for saving time and increasing student engagement. These are some examples:

Email, contacts, tasks, and communications in Gmail

Google Calendar: Appointments, calendars, and scheduling

Google Meet: Video conferencing and messaging in real-time

Google Sites: Creating and Publishing Websites

Google Groups: Web forums and group communication.

Finally, outside of Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals, Google has other tools that can be used in the classroom that you may be able to access using your same username and password. These are consumer products, and the Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals Terms of Service do not apply to them. They are as follows:

Chrome: Internet Explorer

YouTube is an online video hosting and sharing service.

Google Maps/Earth: Maps with interactive features and satellite imagery

Blogger: A person who writes blogs.

The benefit of Google Workspace for Education

Simple, collaborative, and easily shared…
Developing digital skills for the future.
Increase teacher productivity… Protect school data.

Is Google Workspace for Education a secure platform?

Google has made numerous changes to the Google Workspace for Education suite over the years.

In recent years, as cyberattacks on colleges and universities have increased, the Google Workspace for Education suite has prioritized security.

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