Why is Google adding red banners to Google Chat?

Google adding red banners to Google Chat

Google will add big red warning banners to Google Chat to warn users about dubious invites/links that could be used as a cover for scamming and/or malware attacks.

For those who haven’t yet received the functionality, it will be available in a few weeks on both the mobile and desktop versions of Google Chat. When a potentially hazardous message arrives in the Chat, Google will try to flag it with the following notice, which will be shown in a bright red box:

“This invite is suspicious” and “This chat contains links to known malicious websites that may try to steal your information,” with the option to “Block” or “Accept anyhow.”

Such warning flags will appear in a large, red banner with invites “from individuals with personal Google Accounts.”

While the new feature isn’t a reliable way to prevent malware from infecting your device via Chat messages, it could help users restrict their desire to click on every message they receive, especially if the message contains a link.

The new ‘red warning’ function for Google Chat will be “accessible to all Google Workspace clients, as well as legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers,” as well as “people with personal Google Accounts.”

The feature isn’t totally new to other Google Suite services; it’s been around for a while in Gmail and Google Drive in some form.

The capability is also available in other Google Suite programmes such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, albeit it may take some time to reach consumers all across the world.

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Iftikhar Qureshi
Iftikhar Qureshi
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