Top 5 Benefits of Using Google Adwords


If you’re a marketer looking to take advantage of the massive amount of google searches on Google every day and quickly gain the attention you need to build your business, there’s no better place to start than by going up for Google Adwords.

In recent years, the marketing development has evolved tremendously, and Google Ads is one of the platforms fueling this transition. Google Ads is, without a doubt, one of the most effective paid online advertising platforms.

What is Google Ads?

Google Adwords is Google’s online advertising tool, which allows you to build online ads to attract people interested in your products and services. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is used on the Google Ads platform, which means you must pay each time a visitor clicks on your ad.

It’s not just strong SEO when you see an ad for a firm’s landing page rank as the first (or second, or third) search result on a Google search; the company is almost certainly running a Google Ads campaign.

Best 5 Benefits of Using Google Ads

1. The tremendous reach of Google

Google has now become a lifestyle rather than just a brand. Every year, the search engine processes around 2 trillion searches. This equates to more than 5 billion searches every day. People looking for answers to problems that your company can solve are among them.

If you ever used the internet, you probably Googled a solution to a problem. They’re more inclined to choose you over your competition if you can assist them locate the answer, even if it’s through an advertisement.

2. Utilize Intention

The most notable difference between the people you reach with Google Ads and those you reach with other forms of advertising is their intension.

However, on the search network, you are not advertising to people who do not wish to be advertised to. You’re advertising to people who are specifically looking for something, such as the best post-click landing page platform for organisations, and when your ad appears, it assists them in finding the answer rather than interfering with their online browsing experience.

3. Get faster results

Search engine optimization is still the core of the greater part of major traffic websites. The posts and pages on page one are not only well-written with carefully researched keywords; they are also on sites with a large number of backlinks (still the number one ranking factor for web pages).

It can take years for pages to appear in the highly desired first position for a broad keyword search term. Some companies will never see it. Start running Google ads to improve the chances that people will see you first thing in the morning on a page like this, where organic results don’t even appear until below the fold:

4. Increase brand awareness

When most people hear the term “Google Ads,” they immediately think of driving traffic through pay-per-click ads on search engine results pages. However, Google ads are more flexible than that. They can also be an excellent tool for increasing brand awareness.

Even if potential customers do not click on your ads, they will see your brand, tagline, what you offer, and whatever else you use your replica and extensions to highlight. You can also prioritise brand awareness by showing your ad to more people via the Ads display network.

5. Boost sales conversions.

Ad networks that don’t place a premium on landing page experience will allow you to send internet customers to any website you want. It may be a homepage or a “about” page, and it will quickly drain your money because people do not want to search for what you promised in your ad.

According to a Google Adwords support forum, if your ads point to websites that provide a poor user experience, they may appear less frequently (or not at all).

However, you’ll need an extremely appealing post-click landing page to even get your advertising visible on Google’s network. And you’ll get the most out of your ad budget if you create a very persuasive post-click landing page for two reasons:

  • Message match
  • Focused design

Why should you use Google Ads?

If you’re wondering, “Why should I utilise Google Ads?” You should be asking yourself, “Why not?” right now. The network offers to businesses of all sizes, with varying budgets and advertising objectives. Various target groups, the majority of whom have used Google to solve an issue at least once in their lives. So, in a sea of 2+ trillion searches per year, why wouldn’t you put a piece in to see how much money you could make?

With the support of Google Ads and a wonderful post-click landing page experience, start overtaking the organic search results and earn clicks and conversions.

Do you want to get started with Google Ads?

Google Ads can be a difficult system to master, especially if you’re a busy business owner or marketer attempting to maximise paid search returns. Before you spend any money on Google Ads, be sure you have all of the details.

If you’d like to learn more about how Google Ads might benefit your company, give us a call today to set up a consultation with one of our digital marketing experts!