Want to Boost Post Views on LinkedIn? Try These 6 Clever Hacks


If you’re a business, marketer, or influencer wanting to build your network or create leads, you’ll naturally want to improve the number of people who see your LinkedIn postings. However, most people have difficulty regularly getting high-volume impressions on LinkedIn posts. If you are one of them, you have come to the correct place.

How to Increase LinkedIn Post Views

Did you realize that every week, 9 billion content impressions are made on LinkedIn feeds? Try these tricks to generate more impressions on your posts and be noticed:

Make Posts that Appeal to Your Target Audience:

On other social networking sites, people pass time, but they devote time on LinkedIn. Therefore, be sure that your posts are worthwhile reading. LinkedIn is used by 94% of marketers to share content. That explains why you should work hard to create engaging content. You must provide your audience with compelling arguments to stay engaged and pay attention to you in the face of so many options.

The following are some essential reminders:

  • Share detailed, instructive, list-style, and how-to status updates.
  • Text-based material does well, according to experts. Links to blogs are welcome on occasion, but always include a description.
  • Make the first line incredibly beautiful by combining all of your creative abilities. Most updates are scrolled past in the space of a single eyeblink. It will be challenging if you don’t quickly get their attention.
  • Write succinct sentences and paragraphs. Long sentences are boring to read because no one has time for them.
  • To provide visual relief, increase line spacing. This will also improve readability.
  • When inserting images, include the image alt text.

Use Hashtags:

Even though you’re already creating excellent content for your target audience, you’re still awaiting the magical number of post views. Start utilizing hashtags if you’re having trouble here. Hashtags on LinkedIn are a fantastic technique to increase post views. The best aspect is that the outcomes are seen right away. Create a hashtag strategy based on your study if you want to get hands-on experience at the expense of your time. Now add hashtags to your LinkedIn articles, profiles, and posts to monitor their performance.

Regularly and Frequently Post:

The significance of regularly publishing status updates cannot be overstated. It won’t be simple to gain views on your LinkedIn postings if you haven’t been routinely consistent. How frequently should you post on LinkedIn is the actual question now. And that’s where the majority of people err. They believe that producing more content will increase views.
You can get the most out of this network, claims HubSpot, by keeping your posting frequency to a minimum of two or three and not more than five times each week. This is so because LinkedIn is a social media platform with an algorithm that prioritizes quality over quantity. In their post, HubSpot demonstrates how publishing too frequently can harm your efforts by cannibalizing’s performance.

Completely describe yourself on your profile:

Complete profiles, according to LinkedIn, get more views. LinkedIn accounts with photographs receive 21X more views, so it stands to reason that as you expand your network, the number of individuals who read your posts will also grow. Keep your basic profile information up to date, including the location, write a fantastic synopsis, and incorporate pertinent hashtags into either your profile summary or headline. Add the page logo, cover photo, tagline, description, and any other information pertinent to your firm to business pages. Keep in mind that giving more detailed and correct information will make you stand out from the competition.

Share Posts of Others:

Not all of the content you share on LinkedIn needs to be original to you. Post relevant content from other companies or influential people in your sector, such as articles, videos, and status updates. Be sure to credit the sources and tag any relevant people or pages. By doing so, you raise your chances of being seen by them and even receiving likes, which will result in more views and likes for your posts.

Encourage network members to interact with your posts:

Mix and blend your stuff instead of sharing simply one kind. Ask questions, publish tests, and set up polls to interact with the neighborhood. Encourage your network to interact with you by leaving comments or taking part in discussions. Likewise, respond to responses that are made to you. Demonstrate your concern and attentiveness. Additionally, this will increase visibility and engagement.



Creating leads, marketing goods, pages, and content, and gathering active and engaged followers are all fantastic things to do on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is distinct from other social media sites because it was created particularly for professionals and has its own set of guidelines. Although getting more views on your LinkedIn articles isn’t difficult, you will need to dedicate a good deal of effort to it in order to see results. Start by sharing high-quality content because doing so will increase post views and encourage community members to return for more. Don’t add too many hashtags, but do add some. This article provides instructions on where and how many hashtags to use on LinkedIn.

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