Semrush introduces two new ChatGPT features in its Listing Management Tool


Semrush, the well-known digital marketing software company, continues to dazzle the online business world with its cutting-edge tools and capabilities. Semrush just updated their Listing Management Tool with two interesting new features powered by ChatGPT, their AI-driven language model. These cutting-edge capabilities have the potential to transform the way businesses maintain their online listings and improve their overall online presence.

Boost your business growth and gain control of your local presence by leveraging the power of AI in Listing Management—Semrush’s all-in-one local SEO solution. Semrush’s latest ChatGPT features are made to make it easier for users to respond to online reviews quickly and find higher-quality keywords for their local business listings.

Let’s take a closer look at these new features and see how they might help businesses optimize their listings and increase their visibility in the digital world.

Respond to Reviews with AI

The reputation of a brand and the decisions of consumers are greatly influenced by online reviews. Since handling customer reviews effectively is crucial, Semrush has created Dynamic Review Response Suggestions powered by ChatGPT.

To analyze and comprehend the context of customer evaluations, this feature makes use of the language model’s capabilities. ChatGPT offers personalized and contextually suitable response suggestions based on the analysis. The AI-driven approach provides personalized responses that are consistent with the brand’s tone and values, regardless of whether it is a favorable review, a critical comment, or a query.

For your first five unanswered reviews, Semrush leverages ChatGPT to automatically generate and pre-populate five suggested responses. Simply click “Generate Draught” for the remaining unanswered reviews. Click “Reply” to transmit the draught if it fulfils your expectations. Each paid user receives 25 created suggestions per day. You can also create templates or choose a proposal and respond immediately.


With this new function, you can:

Save time: Companies are no longer required to manually check and update listings on various sites. The entire process is streamlined via automation, freeing up time for other crucial corporate operations.

React quickly: There is no need to ignore reviews, specifically unfavorable ones.

Consistency in brand communication: The AI-generated ideas make sure that all responses are consistent with the brand’s messaging.

Track AI-Generated Keywords in Google Maps

Maintaining accurate and consistent content across several platforms becomes more difficult for organizations due to the constantly changing algorithms of search engines and internet directories. With the launch of ChatGPT-powered Automated Listing Optimization, Semrush addresses this problem.

This function uses natural language processing to automatically analyze and improve business listings. ChatGPT can find flaws, inconsistencies, and enhancement opportunities by examining the current postings. The AI-driven system then creates optimized text that complies with industry norms and best SEO practices.

How does this function affect your local SEO? It facilitates:

  • Enhance listings and local search optimization of content with more relevant keywords.
  • Keep track of relevant, business-related terms
  • View other prospective keywords to monitor for each business location

Choose a term from the list to edit your keywords for that listing in Heatmap. The “Tracked Keywords” table will display it.

Save Time Managing Local Listings with ChatGPT

Users of Semrush can now answer to inquiries more swiftly and produce pertinent keywords for your local listings more quickly thanks to these new features. You need a Premium Listing Management subscription in order to use these AI-generated features in the listing management application.

Digital marketing has advanced significantly with the addition of these two new ChatGPT-powered tools within the Semrush Listing Management Tool. The Automated Listing Optimisation automates the procedure for maintaining business listings online, ensuring that they are correct and current across a variety of platforms. Dynamic Review Response Suggestions, meanwhile, give businesses a smart and effective approach to handle customer reviews and preserve their brand reputation.

Businesses may expect more revolutionary developments in the field of digital marketing in the future thanks to Semrush’s ongoing dedication to innovation and the strength of ChatGPT. It’s an exciting time for all online businesses to use AI to boost their marketing efforts because embracing these new capabilities can lead to chances that have never before existed.