Thawte SSL Web Server certificate will provide your website
a new layer of assurance.

The Advantages of Thawte SSL

  • Leading-edge technical assistance.
  • Browser compatibility is 99.9%.
  • Encryption strength of up to 256 bits.
  • SSL/TLS services are available.
  • Server licences are unlimited.
  • Trusted Site Seal by Thawte.
Thawte SSL

Secure your website with Thawte

We Have Wide Range Of Enhanced Protection Certificates

Instant Authentication
for Enterprises

By confirming a company's identity and legitimacy, Twate SSL certificate give an extra layer of online protection. Thwate SSL certificates are a fantastic solution for public-facing websites.

Earn Customer Confidence

Buyers are sceptical of websites that lack SSL certifications, which are indicated by a padlock at the beginning of the URL address. Website visitors are more likely to become clients if they are guaranteed of safe transactions.

Thawte assures that your website will remain secure and safe with the daily malware scanning capabilities provided with its SSL certificate.

Strong Encryption

Thawte SSL is a lightweight corporate authentication and encryption solution for businesses who wish to do more than the bare minimum. Encryption is now widely accepted as a best practise. Comodo's quick SSL certificates guarantee instant credibility.

lifetime of security guaranteed.

Rank higher & boost SEO

Rank higher & boost SEO

Google considers website security to be one of the most important ranking factors. As a result, it should come as no surprise that pages with SSL certificates would rank higher in Google and other search engines in terms of SEO. There is no doubt that websites that begin their links with https rank higher than those that do not.

Gain trust of your visitor

Gain trust of your visitors

A green lock next to your website's address and a Https prefix are two of the things consumers look for when visiting a website in order to continue browsing. Why? Because those are the characteristics of a safe website. According to recent study, websites that have an SSL certificate receive a 10x increase in consumer purchases than websites that do not have one.

Beat the competition

Beat the competition

Why don't your competitors' websites have SSL certificates, while yours still doesn't? In today's industry, SSL has become a requirement. It's not just something good to have; it's something people are actively seeking. Download it for free and start edging over your rivals. As soon as a client visits your website, make sure they feel safe and secure.

Frequently asked questions.

A free SSL certificate protects internet communication between your web browser and your secured website. The SSL certificate establishes an encrypted connection between the two, guaranteeing that data is protected and unaffected by unauthorised intrusions.
It is safe to use free SSL. This certificate provides the greatest level of encryption and can provide instant access to your website. Don't be fooled by the "free" portion of the offer. Free SSL certificates provide the same level of security as expensive certificates.a
SSL Certificates are SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates that authorise websites and enable them to convert from HTTP to HTTPS encryption, securing the exchange of sensitive information between visitors and websites.

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