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Benefits of DigiCert

  • Millions of users trust DigiCert SSL certificates, which contain a dynamic secured seal that certifies the site's security.
  • To prevent cyber criminals from passing on the information, advanced 256-bit encryption is used.
  • DigiCert solutions let you protect both www and non-www domains with only one certificate.
  • With the malware scanning function included in its SSL certificates, DigiCert guarantees that your website will stay secure and safe.
Digicert SSL

Secure your website with DigiCert

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Most Trusted Seal

Millions of users trust DigiCert SSL certificates, which contain a dynamic secured seal that certifies the site's security. If you have any concerns about picking the correct certificate for your company security needs, DigiCert SSL certificate is a way to go.

Thoroughly Scan Website

DigiCert has always strived to deliver reliable products with the most well-known Norton trademark and unparalleled customer service. Furthermore, DigiCert provides quick certificate validation as well as excellent customer service from product purchase through installation and renewal.

DigiCert ensures that your website will stay secure and safe with the daily malware scanning capabilities.

High-Level Security

DigiCert recognises the growing security concerns in the online world and hence provides superior 256-bit encryption to prevent cyber crooks from stealing data. DigiCert is a sign of reassurance for customers concerned about the security of their online data.

lifetime of security guaranteed.

Rank higher & boost SEO

Rank higher & boost SEO

Google considers website security to be one of the most important ranking factors. As a result, it should come as no surprise that pages with SSL certificates would rank higher in Google and other search engines in terms of SEO. There is no doubt that websites that begin their links with https rank higher than those that do not.

Gain trust of your visitor

Gain trust of your visitors

A green lock next to your website's address and a Https prefix are two of the things consumers look for when visiting a website in order to continue browsing. Why? Because those are the characteristics of a safe website. According to recent study, websites that have an SSL certificate receive a 10x increase in consumer purchases than websites that do not have one.

Beat the competition

Beat the competition

Why don't your competitors' websites have SSL certificates, while yours still doesn't? In today's industry, SSL has become a requirement. It's not just something good to have; it's something people are actively seeking. Download it for free and start edging over your rivals. As soon as a client visits your website, make sure they feel safe and secure.

Frequently asked questions.

A free SSL certificate protects internet communication between your web browser and your secured website. The SSL certificate establishes an encrypted connection between the two, guaranteeing that data is protected and unaffected by unauthorised intrusions.
It is safe to use free SSL. This certificate provides the greatest level of encryption and can provide instant access to your website. Don't be fooled by the "free" portion of the offer. Free SSL certificates provide the same level of security as expensive certificates.a
SSL Certificates are SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates that authorise websites and enable them to convert from HTTP to HTTPS encryption, securing the exchange of sensitive information between visitors and websites.

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