RapidSSL certificates are trusted by over 99% of browsers and are perfect for ecommerce websites.

Strong RapidSSL Encryption

  • Low-cost, Fast & Easy-to-Use
  • Trusted & Reliable
  • Encrypted Communication
  • Accessiblity Assurance
  • Protective Layer
Rapid SSL

Get a RapidSSL Certificate for data security

We Have Wide Range Of Enhanced Protection Certificates

Security & Encryption

Security & Encryption

RapidSSL is a fully-stable 128/256-bit single-root SSL certificate. This makes it an ideal solution for a very light ecommerce site or a perfect way to safely secure something like a customer login form.


RapidSSL is an SSL certificate authority. It offers low-cost, rapid issuance of SSL certificates, up to 256-bit encryption, and 99% browser compatibility. Site seals are included at no additional cost.The 128/256 bit encryption is very strong, and you can be sure that your customers will feel safe doing business with you.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

RapidSSL offers automated online validation for businesses that want to secure their websites quickly and easily. There is no paperwork involved, and you can get a "Secured by RapidSSL" site seal to display on your website.

Features of RapidSSL

Rank higher & boost SEO

Rank higher & boost SEO

Quick authentication and domain validation process make both of RapidSSL certificate available within minutes. RapidSSL secured website’s URL display prefix of green colored HTTPS:// which indicates the website is protected. RapidSSL also offers quick customer support and resources for SSL certificate installation for free.

Gain trust of your visitor

Gain trust of your visitors

RapidSSL is a well-known and highly trusted Certificate Authority. They Allow their browsers to promote you by turning the green address bar on their browsers. This rapid solution is simple to acquire and install, and it boosts internet visitor confidence by making your website or web store appear instantly legitimate when viewed on any major browser.

Beat the competition

Beat the competition

From domain validation to Extended Validation, RapidSSL provide a wide range of certifications. They also offer a simple and quick issuance process. They're a popular choice for small enterprises and personal websites because of this. Furthermore, their prices are relatively reasonable, making them good value for money.

Frequently asked questions.

RapidSSL is a major certificate authority that enables secure socket layer (SSL) encryption for web site security that is trusted by over 99 percent of browsers and customers throughout the world. We specialise in providing low-cost and free SSL certificates as well as wildcard SSL certificates in a timely manner.
  • The beginning of the URL or web address changes from http:// to https://
  • A padlock or other security icon in the web address bar indicates that the site is encrypted with a current SSL certificate.
Google now offers websites and pages secured by trusted RapidSSL certificates preferential attention, making it the simplest thing a site owner can do to improve SEO ranks.

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