VPC - A Global virtual network that coonects all regions.F60Host LLP Virtual Private Cloud

Secure your cloud resources with ease by putting them in private,
isolated networks.

F60Host LLP Virtual Private Cloud

The Virtual Private Cloud feature of F60Host LLP allows you to launch F60Host LLP nodes into a virtual network of your preference. This virtual network is quite similar to a regular network that you would run in your own data centre. Because the network is unavailable from the public internet and other VPC networks, VPC networks enable a more secure link between resources.

VPC integrate public cloud computing's scalability and efficiency with private cloud computing's data separation. Within a VPC network, traffic is not counted against bandwidth utilisation.

Virtual Private Cloud Services

Various Use Cases of F60Host LLP VPC

Multi-Tier Web Application Execution
Managing a Publicly Visible Website
Running Databases
Financial Programs in Action
Putting Together Business Unit Networks

Benefits of F60Host LLP Virtual Private Cloud (VPS)

Full WordPress Backup


Our developer-friendly interface makes it simple for you to set up VPC.

WordPress Transfer


To ensure high dependability, the cloud platform is powered by rigorous engineering.



Because VPC networks are unavailable from the public internet and other VPC networks, they allow a more secure link between resources.

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Frequently asked questions.

A virtual private cloud (VPC) is a public cloud service that allows businesses to create their own private cloud-like computing environment on top of a shared public cloud architecture. A VPC allows an organization to build and operate a virtual network that is logically separated from all other public cloud tenants, resulting in a secure, private environment on the cloud.
Simply choose one of our VPS hosting plans that best suits your website's needs and complete the sign-up process. Once you've purchased VPS hosting from us and finished the registration procedure, we'll set up the server for you, and you'll be ready to go.
You have complete control over your VPS server and have full root access, so you can install any third-party application that is compatible with it. Any user can install and operate any program from the VPS hosting server with F60Host LLP as long as they follow our Terms of Service.
Control panels like as cPanel, plesk, Webuzo, and DirectAdmin are available. If you purchase a control panel license from us, we will set up the control panel on your VPS hosting server for you.

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