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The Domain Name System (DNS) is in charge of translating domain
names into numerical IP addresses through authorized nameservers.

What is DNS?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the Internet's phonebook. Domain names such as or allow people to access information on the internet. Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are used by web browsers to communicate. DNS converts domain names into IP addresses, allowing browsers to access Internet resources.

For any internet company, DNS is a key component. However, unless anything goes wrong, this component is frequently disregarded and forgotten. The F60Host LLP DNS Manager is a feature of the F60Host LLP Cloud Manager that offers you total control over DNS records.

Domain Name System (DNS) Services

Benefits of DNS

Automated DNS Management

Using the F60Host LLP Cloud Manager or the API, make zone management easier and more automated.

Simple Administration

Is your website hosted on the servers of a different cloud provider? Your existing provider's zones will be readily imported into the DNS Manager. All you have to do now is switch over to our name servers.

Easily Accessible Records

F60Host LLP name servers are used to provide DNS records all over the world. If one of the name servers goes down, the system will immediately switch to a backup server. DNS lookups are faster to return because records are cached globally.

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Frequently asked questions.

DNS management software's major goals are to eliminate human mistakes when editing complex and repeated DNS data. to minimize the amount of time it takes to modify DNS data Before DNS data is broadcast to DNS servers, it must be validated.
When you have multiple servers providing services for a single website, DNS administration is critical.
The benefits of DNS are that domain names:
1. Can map to a new IP address if the host's IP address changes.
2. Are easier to remember than an IP address.
3. Allow organizations to use a domain name hierarchy that is independent of any IP address assignment.
Managed DNS is a service that allows corporations, organizations, and individuals to outsource their DNS to a third-party supplier. Managed DNS is when customers put their authoritative DNS records on authoritative DNS servers hosted by a DNS Hosting service provider and provide Internet access to their website.

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