Scale applications to enhance performance and reduce costsF60Host LLP API

The F60Host LLP API allows you to manage nodes and resources on
F60Host LLP Cloud via HTTP queries rather than the MyAccount site.

What is an API ?

An application programming interface, or API, allows businesses to share data and functionality from their apps with third-party developers, business partners, and internal departments. Through a specified interface, services and products may communicate with one another and exploit one other's data and capability.
API usage has increased dramatically over the last decade, to the point that many of today's most popular online services would not be viable without them.

  • Script triggers & actions.
  • Responsive API interface.
  • Manage nodes and resources in a dynamic way.
F60Host LLP API Services

Why use F60Host LLP API?

Simple to Use

With a few simple actions on the MyAccount site, you can gain access to the F60Host LLP API.


You'll be guided through every step of the F60Host LLP API with detailed examples for each operation and use case.


CURL, PHP, and Node.js are three programming languages that can be used to interact with the F60Host LLP API.

Stable Endpoints

F60Host LLP API endpoints are extremely fast, executing operations and retrieving data in real time.


To help you get started fast with the F60Host LLP API, we've prepared thorough, easy documentation.


The F60Host LLP API is just as safe as using the MyAccount site to conduct tasks.

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Frequently asked questions.

Application Programming Interface (API) is a software middleman that allows two programmes to communicate with one another. You utilise an API every time you use an app like Facebook, send an instant message, or check the weather on your phone.
Public, partner, private, and composite APIs are the four most prevalent forms of API used in web-based applications.
Monthly pricing are based on a 730-hour consumption assumption; real monthly expenses may vary depending on the number of days in a month.
No price is exempt from taxes, and all plans are subject to the 18 percent GST rate.
No. We cannot supply the same server to another customer, so billing will continue even if you turn off the server. The billing stops only when the server is terminated or erased.

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