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Cloud Firewalls are software-based network devices that are installed in the cloud and are designed to prevent or minimise unauthorised access to private networks. They are developed for current business demands and reside within web application settings as a new technology.

Understanding the advantages of firewall security is the first step toward ensuring your company's continued growth in the digital era. Even if your company only uses technology and networks for a tiny portion of its activities, it is still critical that you take proactive measures to keep everything safe. External threats, viruses, and hackers attempting to get access to your data and systems are thwarted by firewalls.

Cloud Firewall Services

The Importance of Firewall Security

Stops Virus Attacks
A viral assault may bring your digital activities to a halt faster and more forcefully than anything else. With hundreds of thousands of new threats being created every day, it's critical that you have safeguards in place to keep your systems safe. The ability to restrict your system's access points and thwart virus attacks is one of the most evident benefits of firewalls.

Prevents Cyber Attacks
Unfortunately, as more firms move to digital operations, criminals and other actors are more likely to follow suit. Firewalls have grown even more critical as a result of the increase in data theft and criminals holding systems hostage, since they prevent hackers from getting unauthorised access to your data, emails, systems, and other information.

Observes Network Traffic
The ability to monitor network traffic is the foundation of all firewall security advantages. Threats to your operations can be introduced into your systems as data flows in and out. Firewalls keep your systems safe by monitoring and analysing network traffic and employing pre-set rules and filters.

Encourage Privacy
The promotion of privacy is a key benefit. By trying to keep your data and that of your customers safe on a regular basis, you can create a secure environment for your consumers. Nobody wants their personal information stolen, especially when it's obvious that preventative measures might have been implemented.

Eliminate Spyware
Stopping malware from obtaining access and infiltrating your networks is a much-needed advantage in today's data-driven society. The number of entry points thieves can exploit to get access to your systems grows as your systems become more complicated and strong. Spyware and malware—programs designed to penetrate your networks, manage your devices, and steal your data—are one of the most common ways unwelcome persons obtain access.

Cloud Firewall Plans

₹ 9,490

Billed Monthly

₹ 51,246

Billed Half Yearly

₹ 91,104

Billed Annually

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  • Minimum Billing: ₹ 9,490
₹ 18,980

Billed Monthly

₹ 1,02,492

Billed Half Yearly

₹ 1,82,208

Billed Annually

OR Image ₹ 26/hr
  • Minimum Billing: ₹ 18,980

Why Choose Cloud Firewall?

Security without performance bottlenecks
Cloud-Native Security and VPN
Multi-Threat Security
On-demand rapid provisioning

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Frequently asked questions.

The Cloud Firewall protects servers, websites, and their applications against attackers who try to steal data, disrupt service, or deface websites by exploiting protocol and application weaknesses. It enacts procedures to ensure that data security standards such as PCI DSS are met. At the same time, the Cloud Firewall uses integrated data compression, content caching, load balancing, and other capabilities to improve the performance and availability of web applications.
The HTTP and HTTPS protocols are designed to pass through network firewalls. This traffic could contain command attacks that target web application vulnerabilities. The Cloud Firewall filters web application input to prevent attacks that get past network firewalls.
The Cloud Firewall provides effective protection for web servers, improves the delivery and dependability of web applications, and simplifies infrastructure.
Yes, Cloud Firewall's built-in threat intelligence function can help you protect against advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks.

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