Things you need to know about Google Workspace Storage

Google Workspace Storage

Is your Google Workspace storage nearly full?

Storage is an important consideration when moving to Google Workspace.

Google Workspace storage works differently than a traditional server or network storage device, where storage is determined by the size of the drives you choose. Storage restrictions are determined by the plan you choose. 

While the Essentials Starter plans provide 15GB per user, most businesses will want to choose a Workspace plan that provides pooled storage of 2TB per user—or more.

Hopefully, this blog will help you Learn about Google Workspace Storage & how to manage your Google Workspace Storage.

Your storage limit is determined by your Google Workspace plan.

Your organization’s Google Workspace plan determines storage restrictions. The limits are listed in the table below as of late March 2022.

Storage limitGoogle Workspace Plan
30GB per userGoogle Workspace Business Starter
2TB per user pooled storageBusiness Standard
5TB per user pooled storageBusiness Plus
UnlimitedEnterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus

Most enterprises should consider shared storage options terms of storage. I recommend that most firms select Business Standard (2TB per user) or Business Plus (5TB per user). 

For example, a company that utilizes Business Standard and has 10 active accounts has a total storage limit of 20TB (i.e., 2TB per account x 10 accounts). 

Pooled storage means that any account can use more than 2TB of storage as long as the total storage used by all organizational accounts does not exceed the pooled maximum.

As long as your organization has a minimum of five accounts, unlimited storage is offered on Enterprise plans such as Enterprise Standard or Enterprise Plus. 

If your Enterprise plan has four or fewer accounts, the limit is reduced to 1TB per account. Sign up for an Enterprise subscription and keep at least five active accounts if you require a large amount of storage.

Shared drive items count toward your pooled storage limit.

Pooled storage plans include shared drives, and files on shared drives count toward your organization’s pooled storage limit. 

A shared drive allows a group of users to access and collaborate on a collection of files and folders that are “owned” by the shared drive rather than any individual member of the shared drive. Shared drives may hold up to 400,000 items of files.

Individual files and folders are also limited in size.

No files may exceed 5TB in size. In the vast majority of circumstances, files will be far from this limit. Furthermore, no one may upload more than 750GB of files per day. If you transmit a file larger than this, or one that exceeds the limit, it should be complete, but you’ll have to wait until the next day to transfer more data.

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