List of Google Workspace recommended third-party apps for 2022.

Google Workspace third-party apps

Every year, Google Workspace publishes a list of third-party applications that it recommends to its users. The company’s annual list is finally available.

This year, Google Workspace recommends a total of 12 third-party apps. After checking for any workflow or security issues, Google Workspace approved these apps.

So, here’s the whole list of Google Workspace’s third-party app recommendations.

List of Google Workspace’s recommended third-party apps.

According to Google Workspace, every application it offers is selected to improve the user experience. The 12 third-party apps that Google Workspace has suggested this year are shown below.

1. AODocs:

This application is intimately linked with Google Drive, ensuring that documents are securely stored and instantly accessible.

2. Dialpad:

This application can automatically generate meeting URLs in event invites, as well as synchronise contacts and other features.

3. DocuSign:

This application allows users to sign, publish, and maintain agreements in the workspace quickly and easily.

4. LumApps:

This application allows Google Workspace administrators to empower their teams to be more productive and informed with personalized communication within Google Workspace apps.

5. Copper:

Copper allows users to automatically upgrade Gmail records and synchronise meetings with their contacts. This app can also analyse data directly from Google Sheets.

6. Miro:

Google Workspace teams can easily plan engaging meetings with Miro. The application also functions as an online whiteboard for collaborative problem solving.

7. Mailmeteor:

Mailmeteor allows Gmail and Google Workspace users to send personalised emails to large groups of people at once. Because of the app’s user-friendly interface, email campaigns can be easily managed, scheduled, and automated.

8. RingCentral:

Using this application admins can plug this app into their Google Workspace apps to simplify communications with the team members.

9. Supermetrics:

This application is primarily directed at marketers and has over 750,000 users worldwide. It can be used to directly import data from marketing platforms into tools like Sheets, Data Studio, and BigQuery.

10. Signeasy:

Documents can be signed, sent, and managed more easily with the help of this application.

11. Sheetgo:

Users of Google Workspace spreadsheets can connect files to this app for powerful automation.

12. YAMM (Yet Another Mail Merge):

This application allows users of Google Workspace to personalise their messages in Gmail and then easily track results in real-time, in addition to scheduling follow-ups from Google Sheets.

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How To Use Google Workspace With Third-Party Apps

Users of Google Workspace can request that any of the aforementioned apps be enabled by their Workspace administrator. They can add any of these apps to their favourite Workspace apps, like as Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Classroom, Forms, Slides, and more, once they’ve enabled them.

Users can visit to add any third-party programme and improve their productivity.