What Is Google Jamboard? How to Use it

Whiteboards are a common tool for organizing ideas for meetings or projects. Because employees are not always in the office together, the use of whiteboards has become more difficult.

Fortunately, Google Jamboard is a virtual whiteboard tool that allows colleagues and students to collaborate at a distance. Let’s take a deeper look at Google Jamboard.

What is Google Jamboard?

Google Jamboard is a virtual collaboration tool that allows users to work together in real time on a whiteboard-like interface. Similar to Google Docs or Sheets, this whiteboard syncs with your Google Workspace account and may be shared with other Workspace users. Each person who has access to the Jamboard, can open it and edit it on their device.

Google Jamboard is available to Enterprise, Business, Basic, and Education Google Workspace customers, this application may be quite beneficial for remotely collaborating and designing with your team.

How to Use Google Jamboard?

Start creating your “Jam,” as Google calls to these whiteboards, go to jamboard.google.com and click on the + sign in the bottom right-hand corner. Enter a name for your jam and use the editor to get started. Some of the tools provided in the editor are as follows:

  • Pen tools: Give you access to a variety of drawing tools such as a pen, a marker, a highlighter, and a brush.
  • Sticky notes: Sticky notes should be inserted into your frames. Start typing your note by clicking. You may save your message after selecting a hue. You can simply relocate your sticky note by dragging it anywhere on the jam. You may also duplicate sticky notes or eliminate unwanted ones.
  • Shapes: circles, arrows, squares, diamonds, rectangles, rounded rectangles, and other forms can be included in your jam.
  • Eraser: Use it to remove stuff from your jamboard.
  • Selection tool: Click on it to choose and move any object on your jam.
  • Laser Pointer: When you click on it, you can quickly point to items in your jam.
  • Images: Insert photos into your jams using it. From your device drive, Google Drive, or Google Photos, you can upload them. You can also search for photos on Google Photos and add them to your frames with a simple click. After you’ve added them, you’re able to resize and move them about the canvas. You can also duplicate or remove them by clicking.

FAQ about Jamboards

Q1. Is Google Jamboard free?

Ans. Yes, Jamboard is a free app and platform. It is also accessible via tablets, smartphones, and web browsers. Jamboard costs ₹4,10,420 (includes 1 Jamboard display, 2 styluses, 1 rubber, and 1 wall mount) plus a ₹49,260 one-time management and maintenance charge. There is no yearly subscription charge.

Q2. Can you use Google Jamboard without the board?

Ans. Yes, you can access it via a tablet or smartphone app or a web browser.

Q3. How many people can use Jamboard?

Ans. You can work together on a jam session with collaborators who are using a Jamboard device, smartphone app, or web browser. A jam can be worked on by up to 50 user sessions at the same time. Each Jamboard browser tab counts as a session when using a web browser.

Q4. How to add new frames to your Jamboards?

Ans. You may include as many frames as you like. To begin adding new frames to your jamboard, click the arrow at the top. By selecting backdrop from the top toolbar, you may modify the backdrop of your frames. Then, using the editing options we discussed previously, begin adding content to your new jam.

Q5. How to share your Jamboards?

Ans. Google Jamboard offers numerous ways for sharing. Click Share in the upper right corner to choose your sharing choices. You may restrict who can share, download, copy, or print your jams by adding restrictions.

You can share your jams by entering names or email addresses, or by utilizing a generated URL. Before you share your jams, decide whether you want those you share them with to be editors (they can alter permissions and share) or just spectators and comments. (they can only download, print, and copy).