The Best Blogging Tips to Make Your Blog a Success


Blogging has been a terrific method to express your love for a subject with other like-minded people on the internet since its start. There is an audience for you whether you write about cookery, mechanics, SEO, or bird migrations. And, in the previous 20 years or so, blogging has progressed from a simple hobby to a full-fledged job. That’s fantastic! People are making a career by doing what they enjoy and sharing their passion with others.

We’ve already published several pieces of advice on how to establish a blog, create an online presence, and increase your following. Today, we’ll go over a few crucial blogging ideas that you can implement right away to improve your site and become an excellent blogger!

Make Useful Content

Make Useful Content

Another critical factor is to maintain your emphasis on the relevant material. You don’t see us discussing YouTube dramas on WPExplorer, do you? Just because other bloggers are making money from a certain topic doesn’t imply you should try to write about it as well… Unless it is pertinent to the subject of your blog and you are informed about it.

Make Your Articles Interesting

Writing about what you know will make this advice a lot simpler – just keep it engaging. Nobody likes to read a dictionary, so avoid writing your content in that style. establish your writing style (there are tons of wonderful articles online with writing techniques to help you establish and build your online voice), then dive into some of our other suggestions to help you rework your posts.

Use a Catchy Headline

Along with fascinating information, you’ll need an attention-grabbing title that gets clicked. In search engine results or social media, headlines are the first thing prospective new readers see. Consider the four U’s for a fantastic headline while brainstorming:

  • Urgent: If feasible, incorporate an urgency or call to action in your title. Create something that your readers can use to make a difference right away, or provide something for free for a limited period.
  • Unique: This is critical; your material must be one-of-a-kind. Don’t brazenly imitate the work of others. This is not just a felony that can harm your SEO, but people will quit returning if your blog solely gives regurgitated material. Consider the type of material you’d want to read but haven’t discovered yet, and then go to work generating it.
  • Useful: Create material that your readers desire or require. Your posts should provide useful information for your readers, which might include décor DIYs, life lessons learned as a parent, suggestions for landing your ideal job, or a guide to starting a great blog, depending on your specialty.
  • Ultra-Specific: Only hyper-useful stuff is better than helpful content. Your readers will be more engaged if your material is more detailed. Of course, the smaller the pool of readers you’re targeting, the more niche your content is, but by having a healthy balance of broad and specialist pieces on your blog, you may expand and cultivate your readership.

You may also utilize a title split testing plugin to create even better headlines. You may use the plugin to test different variants of the same headline to evaluate which format appeals to your readership the most. While this isn’t a required step, it’s something to think about even if you only split test headlines for a short period of time to get a sense of what your viewers like to see.

Your Blog Should be Simple and Easy to Navigate.

Your Blog Should be Simple and Easy to Navigate

Organizing your material is a big step, but don’t forget about readability. The Flesch test is a simple way to verify your material. The Flesch reading ease test is a typical method for determining the difficulty of an English passage or article. It’s a mathematical formula that uses your phrases, words, and syllables as variables. While not the only aspect to consider, your Flesch score might assist you in writing better content for your target audience.

If you currently use the Yoast SEO plugin to optimize your WordPress site for search engines, you’ll be pleased to hear that the same plugin can also be used to optimize your content for human readers, since it includes a Flesch Reading Ease test. You can view a rapid snapshot of your title, meta, and content SEO with the Yoast SEO Content Analysis tool and make adjustments appropriately to bring all of your variables in the SEO green zone (you can try the real-time content analysis on their website).

Improve the Look of Your Website

There are many amazing blogs that you’ve probably never returned to because the look of their website turned you off. Seriously. Who wants incomprehensible fancy fonts, flashing adverts, and crammed sidebars in their face? Many times, simpler is better, and readability should be a priority for your site.

Use a WordPress theme that allows your readers to do what they do best (read) while still providing you with the tools you need to operate your blog/business. For some, this may imply using a simple blogging WordPress theme like Pineapple. This clean, basic, and FREE WordPress theme employs a simple centered content layout without a primary sidebar, allowing your viewers to focus on your content rather than your widgets and other nonsense.

If your requirements are more sophisticated, you might consider a larger premium theme with a page builder (so you can create any additional landing, store, team, or other pages you require). Total was constructed the proper way, right here at WPExplorer. Add an infinite number of blog pages, utilize the optional blog filter, select one of three primary layouts (masonry, grid, or regular list style), include or exclude a sidebar, add multiple authors with avatars, create post series, apply custom picture cropping, allow social sharing, and more. And those are just a few of the blog possibilities! You may also change the colors, fonts, and logos. More information may be found in the demo!

And, regardless of the theme you select, make sure you use a nice font in a font size that your viewers can easily read. The finest typefaces for internet reading, according to the American Writers & Artists Inc, are Arial in sizes 12+, Veranda at 10, and Georgia if you need something a little more official. They also discovered that if you want to appeal to a more adult audience, you need to increase the font size to at least 14.

If you don’t know how to add custom code to change the fonts in your theme, just download Easy Google Fonts for WordPress. With this free plugin, you may change your fonts directly from the WordPress live customizer (no coding required). Change the font color, size, line height, and letter spacing for various text components on your website.

Formatting Should Be Simplified

Keeping your material organized will help you a lot. If you put in the time to compose a 2000+ word piece, you want your viewers to read all the way through. The formatting you employ is one technique to increase the readability of your content.

Every thought you type doesn’t have to be extensive; shorter phrases have their place and can help you (and your readers) stay on track. Headings should be used to properly indicate the various sections of your content. H2 headings should be used for important parts, with subsequent higher-level headings (H3, H4, etc.) when appropriate. Add bullets and numbered lists to your posts for quick and easy points.

Take Advantage of Images

An image is said to be worth a thousand words, but for your blog, it may be worth a lot more if you use it properly. Make photographs that are aesthetically appealing. Finding inexpensive photographs has never been easier thanks to free stock photo sources. Then you may modify your image using Photoshop or the free web programme Pixlr to add text, filters, and other effects.

When you add photos to your postings, make sure to include an alt-text. This information is visible to search engines. By optimizing your picture alt text, the same image may rank higher in search engine image results, opening up a whole new channel of online traffic to your site.

Encourage Reader Interaction

We’ve talked about this before, but only because it’s so vital. Because your blog’s readership is the centre of attention, engaging them to participate actively is critical. Here are a few basic ways to accomplish this.

Enhance Your Comments Section

Your comments are the simplest method to engage your readers. While WordPress comments are fantastic on their own, there are a plethora of wonderful WordPress plugins available to help you improve your comments even further. Here are a handful of the top WordPress comments plugins (in our view) to help you improve your commenting area.

Create a Newsletter

A newsletter is another simple method to reach out to your audience. Newsletters are delivered directly to your audience’s email, so they can see you’ve got something fresh to check out no matter where they are. Growing your email list is also a great method to offer exclusive material to your audience, such as a freebie or a special contest.

Consider a Giveaway or a Contest

It’s always good to be able to give back to your readers, whether you provide a freebie/giveaway to subscribers only or to your entire readership. After all, they are the ones that support you and make your blogging lifestyle possible! With the aid of a plugin, you can easily run your own competition or giveaway on WordPress. Consider generating free downloadable gifts (such as free WordPress themes, free ebooks, free PSDs, and so on) or negotiating unique discounts for products you advocate.