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Migrating WordPress to a New Hosting

Migrating WordPress to a New Hosting

Seamless & Effortless WordPress Site Migration Service

Full WordPress Backup

Full WordPress Backup

A complete backup of your WordPress installation and database stored off-site.

WordPress Transfer

WordPress Transfer

The database and all of your files will be moved to your new host.



The website will be set up to ensure that everything works as planned.

Migrate WordPress Website

Let us Migrate

Our professionals evaluate your site's requirements and migrate it by leading you through the process without the need of any additional plugins.

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Give us a call and tell us about your existing supplier to help us choose the type of WordPress database transfer we'll undertake for you.

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WordPress Database Migration
Transfer WordPress Data

Moving WordPress between F60Host Accounts

F60Host's technical support team can migrate your WordPress site from one F60Host account to another F60Host account by transferring all of your data to a new server with no downtime for your current users.

Expert WordPress to WordPress Migration Service

Stress Free Migration

Have you encountered issues such as broken links or graphics, internal server errors, insecure material, website downtime, or other issues as a result of a WordPress website migration?
With a competent WordPress migration service, you can avoid the above-mentioned mistakes and have a painless move.

100% Safe and Tested

To accomplish 100 percent secure and tested WordPress transfers, we only employ trusted modern technology. Your website will be relocated to a new host in a secure manner, and the domain name will also be changed.
During the migration, all files and the database will be encrypted.

Fast Migration Service

The WordPress migration service normally takes 2 hours, but it might take up to 48 hours in more complicated circumstances. It is determined by the total size of the files as well as the database.
Fast response, minimal downtime, and good client service.

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WordPress Migration and Data Transfer service

Simply put, WordPress migration is the process of migrating a WordPress installation from one server to another while maintaining its functionality. There are few things more frustrating than discovering that your WordPress hosting company falls short of your expectations, especially if you're a new customer. If you find yourself in this condition, following the advice of one of the many WordPress migration services and jumping ship is a good idea.


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