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Windows Smart Dedicated

F60Host provides the greatest cloud for Windows, and it is the best cloud platform for running Windows-based applications today and tomorrow. Among developers and commercial customers, Windows computing nodes are one of our most popular compute nodes. You may raise or reduce capacity in minutes with Windows Smart Dedicated on F60Host Cloud. You are free to order as many servers as you need.

Windows Smart Dedicated

Windows Smart Dedicated Plans

Plan Physical core
(HT Turned off)
Dedicated RAM Disk Space Price Minimum billing  
WSDC-4.60GB 4 CPU Cores 60 GB 1000 GB NVMe SSD ₹10,439/mo
₹4000 Create
WSDC-6.90GB 6 CPU Cores 90 GB 1600 GB NVMe SSD ₹15,257/mo
₹6000 Create
WSDC-8.120GB 8 CPU Cores 120 GB 2100 GB NVMe SSD ₹20,878/mo
₹8000 Create
WSDC-12.180GB 12 CPU Cores 180 GB 3200 GB NVMe SSD ₹30,514/mo
₹12000 Create
WSDC-16.240GB 16 CPU Cores 240 GB 4000 GB NVMe SSD ₹40,953/mo
₹16000 Create
WSDC-24.360GB 24 CPU Cores 360 GB 6400 GB NVMe SSD ₹61,028/mo
₹24000 Create

Benefits of using Windows Smart DedicatedAffordable, Scalable, Reliable and Secure Cloud For Windows.

Lower Costs

Providing you with the finest performance-to-price ratio in the business; do more with less.

Smart Dedicated

The best price-performance ratio for enterprise workloads, combining the strength of dedicated resources with cloud.


You may scale your Windows computers to larger and more powerful machines whenever you choose.


Our Intel Xeon high-frequency machines give a powerful performance.


For added security, use our DDOS-protected Windows Cloud servers.


Cloud platform powered by robust engineering to ensure high-reliability.

We Offer a Variety of Windows Cloud Services

Frequently asked questions.

We support the previous three standard editions of Microsoft Windows Server, including the most recent Windows Server 2019.
Yes, the cost of a Microsoft Windows server licence is included in the F60Host LLP cloud server plans.
Windows Server 2019 is the most recent version of Microsoft's server operating system. On F60Host LLP cloud plans, Windows Server 2019 comes with a slew of new capabilities, including support for Docker and Windows Containers.
Microsoft requires at least 2GB of RAM, and we've optimised our plans to get the greatest results.
The cost of a Windows Server 2019 node includes the cost of a licence. At F60Host LLP Cloud, there are no additional costs or hidden fees for running Windows Server 2019 or any other version.

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