Organize and browse your photos with an ease.Online Photo Storage and Backup

Continuous Backup is a procedure in which every change a user
makes to data initiates an automated backup of the data, thereby
storing every version the user saves.

Automatically back up your photographs

Your cloud images are some of the most essential things you own, whether they're memories from family holidays or digital assets for professional tasks. You may have peace of mind by backing up full-resolution images using online picture storage. F60Host LLP can help you keep your images safe in a variety of ways, including:

Photos from your phone or tablet are automatically stored up to the cloud when you use this camera upload option. When you connect a camera, memory card, or mobile device to your computer using our desktop app, photographs will be transferred from the device.

Automatically back up your photographs
Organize and look through your photographs

Organize and look through your photographs

Unlike many other cloud picture storage services, F60Host LLP Online Storage and Backup makes it simpler for you to access all your backed-up images and video assets.

F60Host LLP allows you to view and browse through all of your photos and videos from the interface. Adding searchable hashtags to individual photographs or a whole folder can help you find them quickly.

Distribute and share images

Do you want to share your image assets with your family and friends? F60Host LLP makes it simple and safe for you. You can effortlessly share any file or folder in your F60Host LLP Online Photo Storage by creating a link.

Add password protection, expiration dates, and sign-in restrictions to your shared links to keep your photographs in the proper hands. Gather your images as well as those of someone else in one location? Invite others to sync a folder between your account and theirs to share files back and forth.

Distribute and share images
Get space to store photos

Get space to store photos

F60Host LLP can let you save all of your photographs on the cloud, no matter how many you have. To begin, you'll get 2 GB of free storage. If you need additional storage, premium options start at 2 or 3 TB for photographs, movies, and other data, while team subscriptions start at 5 TB or more.

Mark photo and video files and folders that you won't need right away as online-only to free up space on your hard disc. They'll still be visible in Windows File Explorer and macOS Finder, but they'll take up very little space until you need them.

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