Eliminate the complexity & scalability of File SystemF60Host LLP Object Storage

F60 Object Storage is ideal for designing contemporary
applications that demand size and flexibility, since it can be used
to integrate many data sources for analytics, backup, or archiving purposes.

What is Object Storage?

Object storage, also known as object-based storage, is a data storage management and manipulation method that controls and manipulates data storage as discrete objects. These items are maintained in a single location and aren't buried in folders within folders. Object storage, on the other hand, combines the data that makes up a file, adds all of the file's required information, and assigns it a unique identity.

Object storage adds extensive metadata to files, removing the tiered file structure used in file storage and consolidating everything into a single address space known as a storage pool.

Object Storage Services

Why F60Host LLP Object Storage?


When compared to popular cloud object storage providers, you may save up to 70%.

No Hidden Costs

What you see on our price charts is exactly what you'll pay - there are no hidden fees.

Erasure Coding

Ensures data redundancy and protection in the event of a hardware or disc failure.

Better Performance

Faster than the others. Quick uploads and downloads.


Data may be accessed from anywhere on the internet or within your private network using an S3-compatible REST API.

Easy, Flexible Data Transfer

F60Host LLP's simple and reliable APIs make it easy to transfer data over the Internet.

F60Host LLP Object Storage Plans

Slab peak Usage per Calendar Month Rate (excluding GST) Comments
Slab 0 0 GB to 250 GB 625 Flat Flat billing Create
Slab 1 Beyond 250 GB 2.5/GB Applied on peak usage per calendar Month Create

Multiple Use Cases of F60Host LLP Object Storage

Private Repositories
Static Websites
Data Backups
Primary Storage
F60Host LLP Object Storage Service Provider

F60Host LLP Object Storage

F60Host LLP object storage allows you to manage all of your storage in one location using a simple application interface. Policies can be used to save storage costs by automatically tiering between different storage classes. F60Host LLP object storage makes it simpler to analyse data, obtain insights, and make better decisions more quickly.

  • S3 Compatible
  • 100% SSD-based
  • Always available
  • Made for high-performance

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Frequently asked questions.

Bucket is a collection of objects
You may make as many buckets as you like.
The amount of data that can be stored is boundless.
Static assets such as images, backups, and video files can be stored on F60Host LLP object storage.
Yes, you can use F60Host LLP object from any location as long as you have an internet connection and the necessary permissions to use the service.
F60Host LLP Object storage does not save data in encrypted form. In the event of a disaster, recovering encrypted data is difficult.

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