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Continuous Backup is a procedure in which every change a user
makes to data initiates an automated backup of the data, thereby
storing every version the user saves.

What Is Continuous Data Protection?

Continuous Data Protection (CDP), often known as continuous backup, is a system that constantly backs up data on a computer system. CDP keeps a running log of data changes and allows you to restore your system to any prior moment in time.

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) eliminates the "backup window," a situation in which enterprises risk losing data produced between two scheduled backups. It also protects against threats such as malware and ransomware, as well as sabotage and data erasure by mistake. This may be required in order to comply with strict data protection rules.

F60Host LLP CDP Backup Service Provider

Why F60Host LLP CDP Backup?

Quick Restore

Recover your VM environment rapidly with a fallback to restore points on-demand.

Block-level Backup

Directly backups the block-level data from disk or volume bypassing the file system.


Lowest possible effect on disc and network I/O, and backup windows that are reasonably brief.

Long-term Data Archiving

For your data storage needs, the continuous, incremental backups are ideal.

F60Host LLP CDP Backup Plans

Slab Range Monthly rate (excluding GST) Comments
Slab 0 0 GB 270 Minimum billing Minimum billing is on individual instance
Slab 1 0 GB to 1000 GB 8.9/GB Applied on total monthly peak usage of the entire account
Slab 2 More than 1000 GB 1.8/GB Applied on total monthly peak usage of the entire account minus 1000 GB

Benefits of F60Host LLP CDP Backup

Records every write and copies to the target
Changes are recorded in a log, which allows you to "replay" the data at any time.

Every data exchange is recorded
CDP is useful for auditing and compliance, as well as forensics in the event of a security breach.

Disaster recovery
The continuous data protection backup store, for example, can be duplicated to a distant data centre at regular intervals.

Version control
Continuous data protection saves numerous copies of each file, allowing data makers and consumers to go back in time.

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Frequently asked questions.

Continuous data protection is the process of preventing vital data from being corrupted, tampered with, or lost. As the quantity of data collected and stored continues to expand at unprecedented rates, data protection becomes increasingly important. There is also minimal tolerance for downtime, which might prevent crucial information from being accessed.
Monthly pricing are based on a 730-hour consumption assumption; real monthly expenses may vary depending on the number of days in a month.
No price is exempt from taxes, and all plans are subject to the 18 percent GST rate.
No. We cannot supply the same server to another customer, so billing will continue even if you turn off the server. The billing stops only when the server is terminated or erased.

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