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Block storage is a method for storing data files on SANs or
cloud-based storage systems. When it comes to computing, developers
choose block storage because it allows them to move data quickly, efficiently, and reliably.

What is Block Storage?

Block storage divides data into segments and then saves each segment as a distinct component with its own identity. The SAN stores such blocks of data in the most efficient location possible.

Data is also decoupled from user contexts via block storage, allowing it to be distributed across various environments. This helps the user to easily access the data by creating several pathways to it. When a user or application requests data from a block storage system, the storage system reassembles the data blocks and gives it to the user or application.

Block Storage Services

Why F60Host LLP Block Storage?

Fault Tolerance and Resilience

The F60Host LLP volumes are set up with a lot of data replication. Your data will be highly accessible as a result of this replication..

Simple to Resize

Scale block storage from 1GB to 16TB, resize them if needed, and transfer them across your stored data with ease.

Reliable and Secure

All your data is encrypted at rest and transmitted to the Block Storage over isolated networks.

Boost Storage Capacity

Increase the overall storage accessible to your F60Host LLP Node by adding an F60Host LLP Volume.

High-Speed Storage

F60Host LLP Block Storage is driven by a combination of huge capacity SSDs and ultra-fast NVMe drives, providing a cost-effective, high-performance storage solution. At an unbelievable price, you get an outstanding performance.

No need for a computer

Virtual machines and volumes are kept separately. Even if a compute node is removed, a Volume can be separated from it and its data would remain. Volumes can also be expanded at any moment, regardless of whether or not a node has built-in storage.

F60Host LLP Block Storage Plans

Block Storage Size IOPS Rate
250 GB 3,750 ₹1,250/mo
500 GB 7,500 ₹2,500/mo
1 TB 15,000 ₹5,000/mo
2 TB 30,000 ₹10,000/mo
4 TB 60,000 ₹20,000/mo
8 TB 120,000 ₹40,000/mo

Multiple Use Cases of F60Host LLP Object Storage

Persistent Storage
Build Powerful Data Lakes
Data Backups
Ephemeral Storage
Scale up for HPC
Boot Disks
Scale out for IoT
Container Storage

Benefits of F60Host LLP Block Storage

Full WordPress Backup

High Level Performance

Block Storage is ideal for database servers and other applications that demand a high amount of IOPS and low latency.

WordPress Transfer

Operating system bootability

A SAN allows operating systems to be booted straight from block storage (assuming the server BIOS supports this option).



Organizations may scale up their storage without losing performance by adding block storage volumes. Changing the destination route allows you to relocate block storage across servers.


Simple file modification

When a user makes a modification to a file in block storage, the system just has to update the impacted block. In file or object storage, on the other hand, the file or the complete object must be replaced.

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Frequently asked questions.

Block storage, also known as block-level storage, is a storage method for data files on Storage Area Networks (SANs) or cloud-based storage systems. For computer environments requiring rapid, efficient, and reliable data transit, developers use block storage.
Block storage, often known as block-level storage, is a method of storing data files on SANs or cloud-based storage systems. When it comes to computing, developers choose block storage because it allows them to move data quickly, efficiently, and reliably.
Monthly pricing are based on a 730-hour consumption assumption; real monthly expenses may vary depending on the number of days in a month.
No price is exempt from taxes, and all plans are subject to the 18 percent GST rate.
No. We cannot supply the same server to another customer, so billing will continue even if you turn off the server. The billing stops only when the server is terminated or erased.

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