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Domain name renewal is a process of renewing the registered domain name. The domain name registration expires after a certain period of time and the renewal process needs to be completed before this time period ends. That's where we comes in.

Renew the domain name you want at a very low cost from F60Host LLP. It only takes a handful of clicks to renew your domain. By renewing it you'll secure the most vital component of your business in no time.

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Domain names are a crucial asset for any organisation looking to establish an online presence. Because domain names are frequently the first thing visitors see when visiting a website, they must be distinctive and easy to understand. The cost of renewing a domain name is a major concern for the majority of business. But don't worry! You are at a right place.

Every time you visit F60Host LLP, you will receive the same domain name renewal pricing. As a result, you may continue to rely on us whenever you need to renew your domain. The cost of renewing your domain will always be the same for you.

Domain Renewal Pricing

Choosing the best domain name renewal price is not an easy task. There are so many providers out there
and each one of them is promising the best price. However, you can get the best
renewal pricing and exceptional service right here.
TLDs Domain Name Renewal Fee (in INR & Doller)
.com $12 USD /yr
.xyz $12 USD /yr
.in ₹499 /yr
.org $12 USD /yr
.net $12 USD/yr
.tech ₹3,793 /yr
.live ₹1,329 /yr
.online ₹2,433 /yr
.digital ₹2,088 /yr
.me ₹1,199 /yr
.co ₹1,500 /yr
.info ₹1,380 /yr ₹499 /yr
.biz ₹1,190 /yr
.guru ₹1,804 /yr ₹499 /yr
.club ₹733 /yr
.news ₹1,682 /yr
.store ₹3,519 /yr
.shop ₹2,128 /yr

Renew your domain name even after expiration date

After your registration period ends, you'll have 30 days (for most domains*) to renew your domain at the usual charge. It will still be able to renew after 30 days*, but you will have to pay an extra charge. The restoration charge is set by the registry and varies depending on the domain ending.

The amount of the restoration charge may be found in the Domain ending (TLD) reference article for your domain. There is no longer any possibility to renew after 60 days*. You'll lose your domain in such event. Set your account to auto-renew so you don't have to remember to renew it, pay additional costs, or risk losing your domain.

Process for renewing a domain name?

1. By Email

Follow the express renewal process by clicking the link included in your renewal reminder email.

2. Account Manager

Manually combine and renew your domains by logging onto your Account Manager.

3. Express

To speed up the renewal procedure, enter your domain in the renewal box.

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