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Domain Name Our Hostinger Big Rock GoDaddy buy
.com ₹699/yr ₹602/yr ₹799/yr ₹1,099/yr
.xyz ₹49/yr ₹75/yr ₹99/yr ₹229/yr
.in ₹499/yr ₹435/yr ₹499/yr ₹699/yr
.org ₹1,024/yr ₹999/yr ₹1,399/yr ₹1,399/yr
.net ₹850/yr ₹905/yr ₹949/yr ₹1,399/yr
.tech ₹3,793/yr ₹3,729/yr ₹3,419/yr ₹4,479/yr
.live ₹1,329/yr ₹1,589/yr ₹1,819/yr ₹3,029.55/yr
.online ₹2,940/yr ₹2,659/yr ₹2,439/yr ₹3,249/yr
.digital ₹2,433/yr ₹2,079/yr 1,989/yr ₹3,484.09/yr
.me ₹1,265/yr ₹1,139/yr ₹1,199/yr ₹1,609/yr
.co ₹1873/yr ₹2,059/yr ₹1,949/yr ₹2,239/yr
.info ₹1380/yr ₹1,499/yr ₹1,599/yr ₹1,999/yr ₹499/yr ₹429/yr ₹499/yr ₹649/yr
.biz ₹1,190/yr ₹1,219/yr ₹1,249/yr ₹1,779/yr
.guru ₹1,804/yr ₹2,189/yr ₹2,499/yr ₹3,484.09/yr ₹499/yr ₹699/yr ₹499/yr ₹649/yr
.club ₹733/yr ₹2,059/yr ₹1,010/yr ₹1,439/yr
.news ₹1,682/yr ₹1,589/yr ₹1,819/yr ₹ 3,029.55/yr
.store ₹3,519/yr ₹3,959/yr ₹3,899/yr ₹5,519/yr
.shop ₹2,128/yr ₹2,629/yr ₹2,339/yr ₹3,408/yr

Frequently asked questions.

F60 Host Domain name search tool can assist you by offering suggestions and other alternatives to any domain you look for.
A small number of domains will be restricted, meaning you may only buy them if you satisfy or exceed specified criteria or have permission (some examples are .gov, .edu and .mil). However, the majority of extensions are free to use. In reality, even if you don't live in the country code in issue, most country code Top Level Domains ccTLDs are available for purchase by anyone.
Simply type the website address you'd like to register in the search box. If the name you entered is already taken, we'll provide a list of alternatives. If the domain is available, complete the registration procedure by following the on-screen instructions.